Maria Blues Leads a Cumbia Psych Dream on ‘Que Suene’

Maria Blues shares her official video for "Que Suene" taken off the artist's debut album 'Look Who It Is.'

Maria Blues enamored listeners on her debut Look Who It Is, as the multi-instrumentalist utilized Ska and Latin for the backdrop of years of lessons. The official introduction to Blues served as more than a listener to artist connection, but a shift in Latin-Ska/Alt and its roles for women/womxn artists. And in the most fitting fashion, the recent release of Blues’ “Que Suene” sees Blues’ take her reina seat.

Directed by RedHeartMedia, the video is a never ending dance-step which embodies the unity of backyard parties and the overall mysticism of new encounters and wants, led by the track’s lines. Doused in cumbia, robust horn bites, and the seduction of the rhythms, the video’s imagery is fueled by the energy of sounds.

Starring a slew of “part goers,” Blues herself, Alan Perez, and Fenyx the God, the pool party circulates around a man’s hallucinatory world, that could be at the hands of the bewitching Blues, and blurs dream with reality. It’s a feel-good visual that enraptures from beginning to end and only calls for more admirable releases from the Los Angeles artist.

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