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Caravan The Carnival Melts Worries on ‘Carousel’ Debut

Caravan The Carnival debuts their journey and mission on the dream pop cut "Carousel."

Built from musicians across the globe on a mission to build a “caravan of artists,” newly formed ensemble Caravan The Carnival debuts their single “Carousel.”

Comprised of Richard Delgado (guitar and vocal), Rudá Carvalho (bass, melotron and backing vocal) and Daniel Avitia (drums), the three-piece orchestrates a gentle reminder to take a breather.

Rolling from a floor tom into the warm embrace of a woozy guitar, “Carousel” provides a cleansing within its 3-minute tenure. Framed with an intentional aerial view, the out-of-body experience banks on celestial possibilities that are threaded within Delgado’s tone.

It seems to be cut from the roots of dream and neo-pop, shifting effortlessly into a more hypnagogic pop tree. The dreaminess from melody to rhythm is rich yet simultaneously freeing and tight in sound.

“You can stop running, it’s a dream” gently reassures Delagado. A change in perspective, depending on one’s take of preference between their reality or dream, tugs with each listen. On “Carousel” though, the preference isn’t so much answered rather than the acknowledgment of this new found appreciation circling across.

Caravan The Carnival (courtesy of the artist)

And dipped in the warm embers of a sunrise, in tone and sensibility of beginning anew, “Carousel” acts as an open invitation for artists all alike.

“But the idea is to collab with people from all over the world making it a big caravan of artists,” shares the band in an email. “Not only in music but animation, video clips and whatever form of art and artists we can add to the mix. Richard is American, Rudá is Brazilian, Daniel is Mexican. We used to live in LA bit we all live in different cities now.

“Just trying to survive this craziness we are going through while trying to make people’s days better with art.”

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