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Breantonia and JAK Share New Collaborative Project with ‘Woozy RnB’ Debut, ‘Exposure’

London's Breantonia and JAK join forces for a summer "woozy RnB" jam that alludes to greater things to come on their forthcoming EP.

Emerging artists Breantonia and JAK are fresh in their own respective streams and introduce listeners to a kismet slice of sounds. On their first release together aptly titled “EXPOSURE,” the artists embark on a new project which points at a forthcoming EP set for release later this year.

What acts as JAK’s debut as a producer and Breantonia’s second release, the two artists’ immediate chemistry on “EXPOSURE” relies on the dimensions of real love–in theory and in sound. JAK’s self-proclaimed “woozy RnB” production organically extracts Breantonia’s penned words of appreciation towards a new relationship, aided by her own velvet vocals.

“‘EXPOSURE’s approach to love is 2-fold: It demystifies the vulnerability associated with attraction, wearing it proudly,” shares Breantonia. “It also exposes the self-betrayal that comes with falling in love: your urge to hold back is often proof that you’ve already given in.”

The two meet each other in the middle for a rich summer track while playfully tossing photography jargon into the mix, thanks to Breantonia’s photo background according to an interview on VENTS Magazine.

Emerging from the harmonic tone of an acoustic guitar and heavenly vocal runs, the horn flares burst giddily onto the electronic R&B soundscape, shifting the unknown of love towards a warm celebration. Each artist’s individuality emerges onto the track for a contemporary embrace and eagerly alludes to more sounds to be explored from the artists.

“’EXPOSURE’ is a vibrant Summer anthem disguised with an offbeat aesthetic, oozing in lo-fi fuzz,” explains JAK. “In the vein of the contemporary Chicago RnB scene, ‘EXPOSURE’ reveals a kind of UK ‘woozy RnB’ that is as laid back as it is expressive.”

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