Discwoman and Allergy Season ‘Physically Sick 3’ Collaboration Raises Over $16k Against Police Brutality

Discwoman and Allergy Season share 'Physically Sick 3' with proceeds going to Equality for Flatbush : E4F a local brooklyn organization fighting police brutality and gentrification.

Bringing together their third edition of the dance inducing Physically Sick installment, Discwoman and Allergy Season bring together heavy hitting techno rhythms and left-field house releases for a community driven collaboration.

Featuring favorites like Shyboi, UMFANG, and DJ Swisha, the joint release has a number of standout tracks that represent some of the pioneering sounds in the underground electronic scene today. Recently, the collectives tweeted out that that latest edition of Physically Sick raised over 16k towards an organization of their choosing. 

In efforts to raise awareness on police brutality, the artists have made it a priority in donating all revenue from the release to Equality for Flatbush, a local Flatbush and Brooklyn based organization. Focusing on affordable housing reform, anti-gentrification organizing, and police brutality awareness, the group prioritizes direct aid and support to local residents. Below is a statement on behalf of the collaborative force, further affirming the need to educate ourselves and continue fighting for racial justice. 

Discwoman via Facebook

Ok yes… the world is sicker than ever, but that doesn’t mean we get to stop.

The past months have seen long overdue eruptions of sadness and rage directed at bloated, militarized, racist police forces and iniquitous government spending around the world. The puzzle pieces are assembling and fresh eyes are examining corrupt practices that Black & brown communities have criticized for decades. It is time to defund the police and invest in communities that have been systematically attacked.

For the third volume of Physically Sick, we are focusing on local efforts and raising money for Equality For Flatbush, an organization that has been fighting racist police abuse and gentrification since 2013. Equality For Flatbush mobilizes direct aid when necessary, recently ensuring Brooklyn residents have groceries and supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Techno, house, and all the sounds at the root of electronic dance music, are born from Black communities. Dance music can only be sustained by an inclusive joy for the marginalized and the dispossessed. As we rally in support of Black lives and the struggles against police violence and inequality, it is the responsibility of every person, from DJs to dancers, not to let things slide back to business as usual.

Physically Sick 3 is a fundraising compilation from Discwoman & Allergy Season curated by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Umfang, and Physical Therapy. All proceeds from the compilation will go to Equality For Flatbush. Out Thursday July 3rd, 2020 and available exclusively through Bandcamp.

Listen and Purchase here.

Check out the organization’s website here.

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