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Lvyan Stuns on Debut ‘Take Me Away’

Lvyan debuts a jazz-pop cut that flourishes from the artist's influences from Shanghai.

Stepping into a more self-authentic light that purposely strays away from the “pop idol” persona, Shanghai-based artist Lvyan stuns on his debut “Take Me Away.” The 18-year-old deconstructs a traditional alt-pop production and takes to jazz-fusion with the harmonious strings of the traditional Chinese instrument, Guzheng. It becomes one of the attentive elements on the track which properly introduces the artist and his direction for future releases.

Written and produced by the artist last year, the simplicity hones in on Lvyan’s careful arrangement and eclectic influences, which is said to be attributed from his home of Shanghai. “Take Me Away” may very well pull from the pages of electro-soul artists we’ve adored, and irresistible, catchy Western pop-hooks, but differs in its overall delivery.

Lvyan takes to the piano in the jubilant accompanying video for a rich performance. The artist’s harmonic rasp is sensual in the low-light of youthful love and never washes away with the production. The swinging tempo flourishes and weaponizes the creativity of percussion instrumental leads — to either elevate the suspense or smoothly transition to a larger, electronic sonic bed. And the textured rhythms mirror almost seamlessly with the freeing need which “Take Me Away” is birthed from.

Though, none would be what they are without the articulation of Lyvan’s craft. The artist allows the rustic and spirited baritone horns to symbiotically co-exist with each pluck of the Guzheng. The simplicity leaves enough space for each element to shine in their own respective light, including Lvyan’s vocals, and is still full in sound with tempo transitions and funk immersions.

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The self-taught producer and composer’s independent path thrives on his DIY ethos, which is always admirable and a vital characteristic trait that excitedly alludes to Lvyan’s next release.

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