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Benjamin Trillado ‘Worth’

Benjamin Trillado finds his "Worth" and shares acoustic love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Melbourne-based singer, songwriter Benjamin Trillado carries a much needed conversation on his latest track “Worth.” Produced by Jono Steer and mastered by Joe Carra, “Worth” unravels a tender narrative for both Trillado and a listener.

Trillado’s candor slowly treks along steel strings towards the past that may have bruised the artist’s self-worth. It continues the search for acceptance and self-love as a queer individual and puts to rest the self-infliction. Trillado’s songwriting is as profound as the delivery: “Reach into my conscious / Chew me up and spit me out / I’ll leave a bit of taste of / remember that I won’t back down.” He is able to flourish on a bare production and amplify a new found liberation.

“This song is about understanding your own self-value and accepting that you deserve a place in this world,” shares Trillado in a statement. “As a queer person, I grew up struggling to come to terms with my sexuality and often resented myself for it. ‘Worth’ shares the struggles I faced in accepting myself and the empowerment that lies in embracing one’s identity. This song is a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community and goes out to anyone who needs a reminder to love and accept themselves for who they truly are.”

The track’s deep bellows come from pain and in the same manner, relief. It’s a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself first because no one is obligated to do so.

Thursday, July 16 – The Isolation Sessions
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Performances live on Benjamin’s Instagram: @benjamintrillado
Special guests (TBA)
Friday July 17 – Benjamin’s Bedroom – 8pm AEST
Friday July 24 – Benjamin’s Bathroom – 8pm AEST
Friday July 31 – Benjamin’s Kitchen – 8pm AEST

Saturday July 30 – Real Songwriters Of Melbourne Live
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