Black Bra Faces Past Trauma on Goth-Grunge Debut ‘I Was a Young Girl’

Black Bra makes a firm introduction on goth-grunge cut.

Nashville’s Black Bra make a firm introduction on their lead single and video “I Was a Young Girl.” Taken from their forthcoming self-titled debut out July 17 via yk Records, Black Bra’s nightmarish soundscape and psychedelic tempo switches soak past trauma with a resounding push for internal peace.

Comprised from Forget Cassettes’ frontwoman Elizabeth Cameron (vocals/guitar) with Miles Price (bass), Jesse Case (synthesizers), and Tyler Coppage (drums), Black Bra’s debut demands a certain dosage of attention that only anticipates the band’s full-length.


Cameron’s opening quiver regains all lost shards of control and dangles debris from the past with each line. The words are heavy, cathartic, and apocalyptic; akin to the production: “When I was a young girl / I saw Dad pin against the wall / My sister, he had her by the hair / I never said a word.”

Cutting through the triggering flashes that resurface, the track melodically elevates the distressing call to a triumphant light at the end of the tunnel. The heavy goth aroma dances with the track’s natural grunge aesthetic for a courageous soundscape. Guitar riffs are rich through distortion and the shudder of cold wave finds freedom in Cameron’s inflection. It is much more than lost words in a diary, but an alternative processor to repetition.

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