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Abhi The Nomad Plays ‘Risky Business’ Ahead of New Record

Abhi The Nomad levels up with "Risky Business" ahead of new record, 'Abhi vs. The Universe.'

Austin’s own Abhi The Nomad is on the follow-up with “Risky Business,” the second cut and video from his forthcoming record Abhi vs. The Universe; the third full length on his rise that ties the heart of funk with the wisdom of hip hop.

“Risky Business” continues on Level 2 of Abhi’s virtual world journey and introduced in the album’s trailer, opening with that tone of voice familiar to gamers; a supercomputer’s sultry sense of urgency that calls us to attention for a briefing on the next step, more importantly, the next objective.

The sonics of this seamless track keep pace with Abhi’s immaculate and uplifting flow. This is one about finding that glide in your stride as the world’s variations, more importantly possibilities, are revealed for the taking. With his inner circle around him, he takes on each day as a force for good in bad times.

Born in India, Abhi – the son of a diplomat and a teacher – got a taste for a large chunk of the world in his formative years, seen through unobstructed lenses. He is a student of humanity in all of its permutations, channeling that energy both high and low into a pen that keeps his notebooks open.

Photo: Chen Wei Cheng (陳威呈)

Remember those pens with six colors in one, and we tried but could never fit all of them to a single point? We were limited with our creativity tied to one view at a time. The aperture was too narrow. Abhi brings it wide open to reveal those variations simultaneously. It’s like photography in that sense. Too narrow and only a few rays are let in to paint a dark and incomplete picture. Open it up and the scene reveals itself almost effortlessly. A complete picture.

“This song is my life’s background music,” says Abhi. “It’s funky, it’s danceable and it’s the story of a regular human gaining confidence in themselves.”

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