Silvandgold Teams Up With Destruct to Challenge and Calm Views Through ‘Windows’

LA's Silvandgold teams up Destruct for a smooth hip hop introspection about quarantine.

The call for introspection comes with challenging all forms of perceptions — an ideal fit for our times. Silvandgold calls for these moments on “Windows” featuring the cadence and lyricism of Destruct.

The two LA rappers dissect moments found during quarantine on top of a smooth indulgence of nostalgia, produced by Figub Brazlevic. And while the track takes you to the desired mental space by the artists, the accompanying visual navigates the intangible to the isolated reality.

“We did a song about quarantine—the stress and uncertainty surrounding it, but also the confidence we had that we were [are] gonna be ok,” shares Silvandgold on Twitter. “This battle isn’t over yet tho, stay diligent.”

With Amalia Sepulveda’s direction, the monochrome film is sleek and vibrant in its tones. There’s an underground sophistication that is felt through the “outside looking in” technique and points back to the scene that holds Silvandgold. Complementing Sepulveda’s framing, “Windows” takes a classically chilled approach and leads with words found through mediation. The intro’s gentle harmonic vocals rest on a patient hi-hat which leave enough space for the artists’ words to be digested; which are more poetic and conscious in scheme.

Destruct’s attentive bars and thick inflections play with the tempo, clutching his verse with the prolific hook. Lines preach of reading between the lines and becoming aware of lies “being fed” by the media. An honest view through his window that translates well visually.

Silvandgold’s rhythmic speech closes the track and utilizes the characteristics that were beloved on the artist’s debut LP, Gaby Guerrero LP. She delivers with the same heart as a slam poet and creates pictorial truths on each bar. Her centered confidence runs from “craving the light” to elevating beyond negative static noise, all while sprinkling in undertones of being unbothered: “I’m the house of brick / And like my hips and thighs, my brain is thick.”

Internal thoughts are now penned words of wisdom as both artists leave all to a higher purpose. And from whatever screen you look through, as “Windows” eloquently portrays, the common thread begs you to ask: “what’s really going on?”

Connect with the artists:

Silvandgold: Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Destruct: Website / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

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