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Veda Black ‘Call It Love’

Veda Black shares alternative soul vibes on her latest track "Call it Love."

Corrine Allen, who takes to the name Veda Black, is one of those artists who you want to cover yourself in a blanket of their discography, respectfully speaking.

The articulation of VB’s production, build, and delivery is more than R&B or simple nods to a classic hip-hop sound. She dissects the anatomy of these genres for their soul and pairs the low-fidelity of the indie scene for a tailored soundscape.

Even on the artist’s regarded minimal tracks, such as her latest “Call It Love,” the artist’s ear and pristine sonic storytelling take over. The South East London singer, producer, and guitarist takes it back to nostalgic influences, but in the same manner, keeps it fresh moving forward.

The track drips with uncertainty and a needed visible touch throughout the silky build, but it does not beg for it. VB’s vocals are thick and sweet, akin to a golden morsel of honey, subduing each emotive line. “Let’s call it love, I heard that’s what they call it” cycles by the hook with the most welcoming pop embellishment. The very pressing of past group ensembles with bedroom pop and sly funky bass riffs aide the artist’s luxurious notes. Her instrumental builds are the track’s lifeline and rises with the thoughts of a lit cigarette.

It’s once again a track that enamors, but not for an outside fantasy; for the continued success of Veda Black.

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