Lyric ‘Who Can I Run To’

Lyric makes her proper R&B debut on "Who Can I Run To."

The budding ache of love will forever be a universal growing pain. For Chicago’s Lyric, the ache isn’t so much the focal point as are the words from a young woman entering this stage of life.

On the artist’s newest single and video, “Who Can I Run To,” produced by D. Brooks Exclusive, listeners read the scattered pages from a diary to a prominent field of R&B for the emerging artist. Its vulnerability and acknowledgment follows Lyric’s past singles such as “I Miss You” and “Catch a Girl,” but falls into a classic production that compliments the artist’s vocals beautifully.

Mirroring the track’s words on the Diamond Visuals video, Lyric instantly leads with an emotive tug of war, counting the days and bathing in her feelings. Lyric’s harmonious vocal run opens the track gently alongside poignant guitar plucks; another prime instrumentation that works wonders with the artist’s range.

The youthful voicemails left behind and “emergency” trips to save a relationship can make anyone revisit their own past escapades of past relationship– with either gratitude or resentment that all lead to eventual wisdom. Though, this raw and unapologetic truth by Lyric is a natural absolution on her journey.

Glazed with dance performance shots, Lyric’s visual debut doesn’t just come as growth in personal relationships, but a step into a new stage of her musical career.

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