Lesibu Grand Comforts the Exhausted on ‘Jennifer, My Girl’

Lesibu Grand provides emotional comfort on latest video "Jennifer, My Girl."

Earlier this year Atlanta-based indie rock band caught our attention with their dreamy and poignant video “Mi Sueño.” To no surprise the lead duo, comprised of Tyler-Simone Molton and John Renaud, follow-up with a reflective video that comforts and vocalizes a fragmented part of the world.

“Jennifer, My Girl” and its lively indie-pop scales are the warm counterpart to the pockets of strife which the track carries. The weight of reality isn’t done to contribute to one’s strife, as the pop isn’t done to dilute or highlight the need to return to day-to-day activities, but rather to assess that each of these feelings are valid when one is experiencing a breakdown.

Molton’s narration is of comfort. The artist takes on a soothing tone and sonic chops of alt-rock, circa early 2000’s — which by no means ages the track’s freshness. Slight bass tempo changes attune to Lesibu Grand’s discography, while static drums and spirited guitar chords sway with Molton’s vocals.

The accompanying video takes on a different form considering the world’s atmosphere. What was written before the COVID-19 outbreak, the video now takes on the pain of so many more wounds. The open-letter of comfort sees Molton battle the exhaustion in isolation while her counterpart reaches for a hand.

The two halves depict a larger picture of identity, utilizing the polarity of colors throughout the video’s scheme that echo this movement. And one of the many great things about Lesibu Grand, specifically Molton’s delivery and lyricism, is the way the artist absolutely humanizes her words. It is not only a gentle trait, but from the roots of strength that continues to be needed.

Sharing thoughts on Glide Magazine, Molton explains the meaning behind the track:

“This song is an emotional support letter to my younger sister, Jennifer, who was feeling helpless and overwhelmed by all the want and injustice in the world. I wanted to calm her nerves and make her feel loved and protected. I think Jennifer, My Girl translates well into current events because so many of us are worried, scared and outraged by what we are seeing outside our door. Whether it’s COVID-19, police brutality, institutional racism, or any number of other problems, these are deadly and uncertain times.

People are on the brink and they need emotional comfort. Sometimes to get that comfort we have to take shelter from the outside world. Like the older sister in the song says, ‘I know you might be afraid/Don’t know what’s coming your way/Why not breathe, g’on and let tomorrow worry ‘bout tomorrow, tomorrow/And today, today.’ We are not suggesting people turn a blind eye to all the issues we face, in fact we encourage active involvement, but we also think its important to find moments of solace and comfort with those we love during times of acute distress so we can recharge, get centered, and open our door to this troubled world again.”

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