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EsRAP ‘Yalla Habibi’ [Prod. Testa]

EsRAP return with the luxurious and empowering hip hop cut "Yalla Habibi."

EsRAP continue to dismantle stereotypes on their latest video and track “Yalla Habibi,” produced by Testa of the Austrian label, Duzz Down San.

Esra and Enes Özmen utilize the harmonious, moody and trap filled production to confidently display the love in their own skin and their firm will to keep going. The sister and brother rap duo descend into myriad of wordplay that swims from German, Turkish, and a bit of English, for an intentional cut of representation.

Esra leads as the sharp shooter and boasts of a pristine mentality within her contralto register, reassigning roles within the male-dominated genre. The smoke filled opening exhales onto Esra’s velvet croon before her deep dive of rap. It’s an empowering first half that eventually leads to an underlying message to “celebrate life” and celebrate yourself.

Balancing Esra’s speed and bars, Enes takes to a more melodic stance and washes each hook in an Arabesque style and vocal run. His tone is light enough to maintain a calm and collective pop aurora, with enough grounding self-assurance that steers “Yalla Habibi.”

The luxurious layers, and dosage of gloom-trap, allows the two to keep their message fresh, fit to their visual counterpart. It’s a simple peacock performance that is rooted from the duo’s constant philosophy to vocalize about injustice, women’s equality, and inspire active action.

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Cover photo: Martina Lajczak

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