Herizen’s Trap-Rock ‘Hellboy’ Alludes to a Promising Forthcoming EP

Herizen continues to enthrall with her fervent cuts making her an artist to truly add to one's watch list.

Herizen continues to enthrall with her fervent cuts making her an artist to truly add to one’s watch list. The Cuban-Jamaican artist pulls from her surrounding for a very jubilant and passionate dosage of pop. Though, to say her sound is strictly in that lane would be a lie.

Inspired by her father, Juan Carlos, who is a reggae musician, Herizen has been featured on a variety of projects such as Absofacto’s Thousand Peaces EP and on the soundtrack for the Major Lazer’s documentary Give Me Future. And when she isn’t crafting songs, Herizen’s talents take her to the screen as Mylene Cruz on the Netflix original series, The Get Down.

With all of that under her belt at only the age of 23, the artist’s latest track “Hellboy” doesn’t come as a surprise in sound– in the way of constantly experimenting with genres. It’s a rustic scope of raw love that pulsates cleanly with its trap-rock soundscape that compliments Herizen’s vocal runs. Herizen dives into the tug of love and hate after heartbreak and ignites a vigorous flame that pushes the artist to explore yet again another space of sounds; ideals that hopefully will reflect her upcoming EP.

Self-described as a “grungey, urban pop track” that is about the artist’s “biggest heartbreak,” the accompanying video matter-of-factly presents the madness and addiction of a past love. Filmed by Herizen with friends and family, the uncut direction and saturated colorizing walks the track’s aggression with spontaneity and toxic infatuation of another.

“‘Hellboy’ is a very special song, so we had to make the video match all the memories and emotions,” says Herizen. “I’m very proud of this music video, my sister, our best friend Ray and I did it on our own with no budget or equipment really during the quarantine, and I think it ended up being better than I anticipated, hope you love it.”

Herizen’s “Hellboy,” is out on all streaming platforms via Sony Music Germany and is set to share her EP later this year. She is also playing the lead in USA Network’s Dare Me which is co-produced by Netflix.

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