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Victor Perry Delivers Harmonic Introspection on Alt-Pop Single, ‘What I Deserve’

Victor Perry shares his latest single alt-pop ahead of his upcoming EP.

Victor Perry’s style has grown since our first introduction to the emerging musician in 2016. And through the artist’s musical evolution, it is obvious that Perry hasn’t found, but rather created, his own voice.

The NYC-based artist no longer hides his beautiful range or searches for a production that “fits.” A journey of self-discovery that we all must embark on. With “What I Deserve” we are re-introduced to the artist’s harmonic delivery of words and sounds. Even more so, we are re-introduced to Perry’s multifaceted storytelling.

Stronger than before, Perry’s words on “What I Deserve” are poignant. While the alt-pop track details feelings of guilt from the demise of a relationship, they hit harder during this precise time in the world. The artist’s songwriting and delivery comes at a time of healing. One where we are looking at one another in our fight against racism. And a true feat of success from a writer is to embody the flexibility with words, while you still tell your story. Perry does so with ease.

“What I Deserve” floats on a bed of classical strings, delicately documenting Perry’s fragility. Chris Belmont’s production is theatrical, but centered around Perry’s introspective lines of repetition. They stare back at us in the face: “this is what I deserve.”

The iridescent nature of Perry’s vocals are one of the many things to love from the artist; along with the spirited drive to continue on the musical path. “What I Deserve” is the first taste of the artist’s upcoming EP and we are excited to continue to witness the success of Victor Perry.

To support the Black Lives Matter movement, Perry will be donating all portions of his revenue, and purchases from the single, to NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund.

Cover photo: Kuson Parson

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