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Vida Moxy Share Alt-Pop Single ‘Nowhere to Go’

LA-based Vida Moxy shares a light spirited alt-pop track for lockdown, "Nowhere to Go."

From the San Gabriel Valley to the greater Los Angeles area, Vida Moxy have developed a taste for alternative pop, bright melodies, and a soulful range. Comprised of frontman and guitarist Giovanni Simone, drummer Jojo Ortiz, bassist Jordan Chastain, and guitarist Reggie Villaveza, the 4-piece fluctuate with the seasons.

On their latest single “Nowhere to Go,” Vida Moxy embody our new realities in the most lighthearted aspect, easing cabin fever all together. What follows their funk-pop, nu-dico track “Like The Feeling,” it is clear that the band can take to many genres and are budding into a more comfortable realm within their own sound. One where pop is now a front-runner — and this is not a bad thing.

“Nowhere to Go” sways upon a very coastal vibe that moves with Simone’s natural, melodious pipes that can expand at the drop of a hat. Similar to the chamber pop filter that seeped in with the nosier aspect of psychedelic rock years back, the band’s melding of chamber and jangle-pop, to surf riffs makes for a rather sweet arrangement.

It juxtaposes the track’s lyrics of “feeling kind of low” — which touches on our self-isolation — and encourages a more optimistic outlook. As usual, the band’s rhythm section is taught and crisp.

Washed in communal chants that touch your back like a cool breeze on a hot day, Vida Moxy’s spirited “Nowhere to Go” provides a sparkling soundtrack and jubilant pocket for the changing times.

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