The North Country ‘Freaks’

DC electro-funk enthusiasts unleash their inner freaks on the aptly titled track "Freaks."

Celebrating the freedom of our inner freaks, Washington DC-based ensemble, The North Country, unapologetically dance around not fitting into “the norm” for an honest wash of electro-funk on their latest single “Freaks.” Taken off their forthcoming album America and Afterwords, “Freaks” morphs the band’s signature tune of polyphonic psychedelia onto a simple funk plane.

Continuing to be chopped from different eras of pop, “Freaks” is a light spirited praise of independence. Led by Andrew Grossman’s delectable vocals — who can shift from a more contemporary pop space to indie rock — the track is a celestial gem.

The electronics move like a drifting day dream and relies heavily on the experimental tempo changes and the matter-of-fact hook that simmers with a steady conviction. Lines dance around pride, “you make the version of you that you always wanted to,” and warmly encourages to push the static noise of others to the side– be weird.

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