Juani Mustard Debuts Lo-Fi Garage Cut ‘Andrea, You Are a Selfish Woman’

Chilean artist Juani Mustard debuts his lo-fi single "Andrea, You Are a Selfish Woman."

Chilean artist Juani Mustard debuts the lo-fi garage cut “Andrea, You Are a Selfish Woman” via Burger Records LATAM. Acting as Mustard’s introduction for his forthcoming debut EP, set for release this year, the track is a rough adolescent croon that takes a mature philosophy, excluding the title itself. Inspired by the underground scene of the ’90s and built around a folk twang, Mustard’s laid back and DIY ethos touches on the scene of self-discovery, perfect for an emerging artist growing in their sound.

“The search of self-loving sometimes blind us and transport us to undesireble places, often losing the central focus of human relationships,” says the artist in an email. All traits that come alive on the songwriter’s direct and yet wandering way with words. Words that prance from a lover singing Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End,” to being a girl “who eats the sun” — assuming this is when Andrea becomes selfish.

Accompanied by a homemade video that fortifies the ’90s motif, dressed with a fisheye, the introduction to the artist offers a sweet cadence. Harmonies flourish mid-way and offer a stronger jumping point for the slacker-esque vocals and psych-pop embellishment. Strongly riding on the rustic plucks of steel strings and rocky pipes, the final echos of a cracking snare clutch the ending — an element that should be explored more for Mustard’s style.

Juani Mustard’s forthcoming EP Tourist is set for release later this year.

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