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LOVER Drops Fragmented ‘Last Puzzle Piece’ Ahead of Debut EP

LOVER brings his latest offering of improvisation with new single "Last Puzzle Piece."

Leaving listeners with a vocal to decipher, LOVER brings his latest offering of improvisation with new single “Last Puzzle Piece.” Over the last few months the Australian artist has blessed us with two exceptional singles, featuring the collaborative propensity of acts like Cult Shotta and Golden Vessel.

New track “Last Puzzle Piece” addresses our need for clarity, or finding that last bit that ties things together, both literally and figuratively. Built off reversed percussions and the warmth of the fractured vocals, a delicate guitar sets the emotive expression for the composition. Consumed by hazy arrangements, Lover’s voice dazzles among the foggy soundscapes. The artist hoped to capture the process we feel as individuals, going from fragmented to fulfilled. 

As the artist remarks, 

“This track was one of my first experiments with using auto tune. I was trying to push the sound to the point where the auto tune is hard to decipher – through layering my vocals and multiple harmonies. I spent a long time trying to find the perfect vocal takes for each section, and the breakdown in the chorus. This is a song about persevering with something, whether that’s your career, a relationship, living situation or whatever.”

“Last Puzzle Piece” is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records, and stay tuned for his debut EP It’s A Wild World which will be out in full next week.

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