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UMI ‘Open Up’

UMI details the reasoning within her mind and heart after a break-up on the smooth R&B introspection, "Open U

UMI details the reasoning of her mind and heart after the demise of a relationship on her latest single “Open Up.” Taken from her forthcoming EP, Introspection, out June 21 via Keep Cool/RCA (set on a Sunday to be timed to the moon’s position in Cancer), the song aptly suits with the artist’s state of allowance and firm sense of self.

The Japanese-African-American artist has built a multi-dimensional sound since her 2018 debut, Interlude. On “Open Up,” UMI maneuvers indie-pop and a more tangible instrumentation with a signature R&B production. The track kicks off with a very rough and noisy acoustic, warmly isolating a state of mind. It quickly dissolves to a steady back beat that guides UMI’s vocals. The artist’s range is depicted by the emotive lines, assertive and still fragile as they mourn an inevitable loss.

“‘Open Up’ is a look into my heart space, painted with orange and red hues,” UMI says. “I wrote it about that feeling before a breakup when you’re torn between the guilt of hurting someone else and doing what’s best for you. Capturing my inner dialogue, this song is a moment of introspection.”

The track’s lines are mature in their acknowledgement. Understanding that there may still be “pain” within, and the choice to walk away doesn’t come from ill intent. The song bluntly lists possibilities of what needs to be done, landing on the act of opening up more — which is easier said than done for many individuals. It is yet another drop of healing and finding yourself in the pool of life that UMI sets to share.

UMI (Spencer Middleton)

UMI is set to release a visual alongside the EP with details not yet announced.

Cover photo: Spencer Middleton

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