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Marie-Clo Reclaims Her Voice on ‘Trophy Wife’

Marie-Clo provides a voice for the ones who are told to bite their tongue on the indietronica track "Trophy Wife."

Marie-Clo is an artist in sound and warrior by the pen. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, the artist’s latest single “Trophy Wife” takes a personal stance against sexism and objectification she witnessed as a hockey wife. Experiencing double standards and the normalcy it carried within this world, Marie-Clo’s single provides a voice for the ones who are told to bite their tongue.


Leading up to many observations which were shared on the artist’s social media pages, Marie-Clo stated that this was yet another aspect to her story. Whereas the beautiful moments were in fact shared, the end that was mixed with infidelity and lies also needed to be addressed.

“During my marriage, I was the difficult wife; the one hockey organizations had their eyes on because I had the potential to change the alkalinity of the team with my ‘radical views,'” shares Marie-Clo in an email.

“Hockey wives are treated as nothing and yet everything. This dichotomy is eerily similar to how our society views women in general. This song is a call to be aware of transactional love; love in which you are an item with an attributed value, and not an individual.”

The indietronica track does not stutter its voice in its reprise, nor aggressively attacks. On the contrary, it is quite dreamy. Marie-Clo’s airy vocals are potent in their grounding and worth — a true testament of her strength. The track’s build and somber guitar plucks read as manic thoughts circulating around Marie-Clo’s calm and collective portrayal.

The artist utilizes the blade of each word to send her message across rather raise her voice in volume: “You, thank you / For making think, think twice / You have mistaken love for absence / You have mistaken lipstick for silence / For what? For lies.” It’s a meaningful wound that is beginning to scab and will always be remembered — a feat that is intentionally admired.

Marie-Clo’s lyricism is of a sage storyteller. The honesty and vulnerability of the track somehow bridges experiences for a broader understanding of our own self-worth.

With albums typically sung in French, Marie-Clo’s latest single comes from her first English album Shell(e) Pt. I, due for release June 12, which is one of a three part collection to be shared from now into 2021.

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