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Lucia & the Best Boys Finds Relief on Pensive Ballad ‘Let Go’

Lucia & The Best Boys share a somber, but much needed release on their latest ballad "Let Go."

Maintaining your voice while showcasing range is always tricky for an artist’s expression. Lucia & The Best Boys (formerly known as LUCIA) exemplifies this approach on their latest single “Let Go” via Sweet Jane Recordings. The Glaswegian indie rock band walks a somber and slower tempo line than previous electronic cuts, for more dimensions in sound to be explored.

The piano driven track casts an atmospheric light, waltzing from a Gothic romance novel and construed with a similar dark soundtrack. Stripping more of a human veneer by Lucia Fairfull, the artist’s smoke-filled vocals bend, and at times break, with the contemplative nature of the track. Produced and recorded by Fairfull alongside Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet, “Let Go” is a sincere and important product to the band’s ever growing discography.

The velvet accents of Fairfull appeal to the post-punk drip of the band and are skilled in each line. And as the natural progression opens up the ballad, there’s washes of a newly clutched enlightenment that mirrors the passionate lyrics. Cascading backup vocals are lighter in their selection as Fairfull moves gracefully, scratching each verse with a lambent tone. What reads as a cathartic and conscious open letter after a break-up, “Let Go” is still somehow sedated — not negatively, but a serene outlook that seemed to come with time.

“I have always enjoyed writing songs that are clear and to the point but I think ‘Let Go’ is the most honest and true I have ever been in a song,” shares the band. “Last year I had a tough time trying to put my thoughts into comprehensible words because I was emotionally confused and sometimes lost. This led me to try things out, like writing on a piano which I never really do as I’ve always started writing songs on a guitar. Somehow this allowed these words to spill out of me whilst sitting at a piano, after a very long and frustrating time of finding what I wanted to say.”

“The following week I was in LA and I showed what I had written to my friend Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet. He loved the song and so I finished it with him out there at his house. We had no proper studio set up and originally this was meant to just be a demo, but at the time the song felt so present to me that we decided there was no way doing a re recorded version would have the same emotion. It was almost overwhelming as once we had finished it and I listened back to it, it was such a weight off my shoulders, and a slight sense of relief as I felt like ‘ah, this is what I’ve been wanting to say the whole time.'”

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