Mighloe Grows on Dreamy, Iridescent Single ‘Sunflower’

Toronto-based artist Mighloe pays homage to the healing process on dreamy, R&B/pop single "Sunflower" and equally surreal video.

Toronto-based artist Mighloe shares the tender-glassed single “Sunflower” and explores the beauty in healing. Accompanying the iridescent single is a soft visual of love and worth, strongly taking a page from the biblical story Adam and Eve, but addressing a fuller aspect of self completion.

“Sunflower” catches different spaces of light from track to the visual — one of the many beautiful things about Mighloe’s presentation. The track itself glistens against the delicacy of dream pop chords that are strummed with delicacy. Guitars meld and with Mighloe’s equally dreamy vocals and are grounded with a very nostalgic, R&B backbeat.

Each line is painted from the strength of a flower and all the symbolic folds it carries. From its fragility and will to grow again, to petals being plucked in search of answer of reciprocated love. “It’s about finding strength in my fragility,” explains the artist. “Forgiving my uprooting and replanting myself. I pay homage to my pain, and feel powerful in my scars.”

And through the guise of the warm daydream, the track’s multidimensional philosophy comes as a stark contrast in comparison to its visual. Dizzy Dinero’s direction sees the video as pure love and explores a sensual admiration, and of a new discovery in another. Featuring Dre Plus, the slow moving shots and intimate close-ups testifies to the “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” between the couple. Both Mighloe and Dre Plus pierce the camera with their flawless beauty and guides the awestruck environment on camera.


“Sunflower” becomes a surreal fantasy that doesn’t let another complete themselves to find their own worth, but simply shows an extra element can be added when self worth grows.

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