Husks and WeiWei Craft an Industrial Dance Mood on ‘Cut The Cord’

Husks teams up with WeiWei for an industrial dance mood "Cut The Cord."

Industrial and moody pop continues to be the soundtrack for 2020. Capturing a bit of the anxiety during quarantining in NYC, Husks and WeiWei team up for an electronic, dim lit path of submission and acceptance on “Cut The Cord.” Though, not to another, but from a disconnect between yourself in mind and heart.

With each artist carving out their own sound — seeing Connor Small don the moniker to produce darker sounds, and WeiWei straying from the tech industry to enter music to create new genre lanes for Asian-Americans besides K-Pop — the collaboration pushes them into new boundaries while complementing the others’ individualized sounds.

“Husks and I really combined our sounds for this track,” says WeiWei. “He airs on the darker and more ethereal side and I have a more rounded pop sound. Mixed together, we like to call it moody pop. For this particular song, we took on opposite roles with Husks producing a dancier beat than is typical for him, and I created something a lot darker than I’m used to.”

Booming electronic punches roll out the track’s introduction towards a very moody atmosphere. It flourishes from an industrial backbone before dissipating into deep dance synths. The lighter pockets in production illuminate each verse for WeiWei’s malleable vocals. The artist at times wears a robotic voice, personifying both halves of deep contemplation, and similar lengths of love with a contemporary-pop haunt.

Sharp and angular in its delivery, the production is still brushed with moments of whimsical softness. Cinching the right dosage of fear to the unknown though, the melding of voices penetrate the hook with each contrasting tone. It’s the leftover residue of a decision that likens a rusty nail popping a bubble-gum fantasy — which is very much adored.

“The concept of the song is based on that feeling of acceptance when a relationship is over because it is no longer functional, even if the love is still there. The classic predicament of being torn between your head and your heart, mixed with anger and passion.”

Stay connected to each artist with more to come during the year, such as Husks’ debut LP.

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