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Gaygirl Illuminates A Meltdown on Alt-Grunge Single ‘Killing It’

South London band blister from alt-grunge to pop on their last single before their debut EP, 'Pleasurehead.'

Mundane cycles are set to the soundtrack of a mutable form of grunge-pop by South London band Gaygirl. Their latest single “Killing It,” taken from their debut EP Pleasurehead due this Friday, May 22 via Permanent Creeps, is a brash and mesmerizing string of sounds that echo insanity against a raw slab of meat — typically called your head.

Comprised of songwriters Bex Morrison (vocals, guitar) and Lewis Clark (guitar), and pulled together by Louis Bradshaw (drums) and Tom Coyne (bass), Gaygirl relishes on their natural glimmer of genre splicing. A characteristic that is adored on their single and is a vital element of a pristine project yet to come; one that has “pushed” the band “as musically as possible.”

While we can all hear influences of past ’90s icons — like an early Garbage most notably heard on those tempo switches on the bridge, and disconnected pauses that liken to tracks such as “Queer” — Gaygirl are more than the environment that clearly shaped them. “Killing It” justly proves this.

The track may have been birthed from the mud of grunge, but polishes the exasperation with melodic-pop verses and a modern arrangement. Each guitar layer is laminated with its own identity and engulfs a myriad of genre modifications, er, mutations, that pierces alt-pop and grunge. Its fluidity in sound directly mirror the restraints narrated in each line.

“‘Killing It’ is about feeling stuck and the flitting emotions between trying to make things okay, and being on the verge of having a complete meltdown,” says Morrison. “The extreme up-and-down contradicting lyrical content is reflected throughout the song and as it progresses, falls more and more out of control.”

The orchestrated frenzy speaks more to the band’s development than anything though. There’s a fullness that comes within the almost three-minute track that signals a beacon of noise-rock, fueled by frustration. Over driven chords pulse through a distorted filter, and its wailing reverb match Morrison’s high register and disillusionment of nearing a “meltdown.”

One of the best things heard comes on the instrumental breaks, which are conscious in each member’s musical voice. An emotionally driven drumming consumes the second half, clinching onto a tight, and clean rhythm section, and there couldn’t be a better ending. It listens as a marble table would: cold and hard, strewn from the delicacy of the earth that is overlooked for an artistic and catharsis trinket.

What more can be said?

Gaygirl (Photo: Cali Titmas)

Gaygirl’s Pleasurehead EP will be released this Friday, May 22 via via Permanent Creeps.

Cover photo: Cali Titmas

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