Jenn Grinels Confidently Leads on ‘Go Mine’

Jenn Grinels confidently pens from a folk and Americana sound on latest single "Go Mine."

Portland-based artist Jenn Grinels shares her latest track “Go Mine.” Penned as an outcome from those within the industry who gave Grinels static noise disguised as advice, along the lines of being “sexier” or “less edge, more pop,” the single is a righteous self-assertion. The song isn’t about revenge, but instead gathers a sweeter satisfaction: success.

Grinels radiates within her own sound and identity on “Go Mine.” The artist’s vocals are smoky to the blistering horns, that each are assertive in their own exhaustion. Emerging from a folk and Americana wash, the track takes on different forms to the changing tempo — from jazz to a lounge wall, minus the tears. Grinel’s vocal stylings are just as fluid and build from a timid story to a glorious, and confident look forward.

The control the artist has during each line vocally is a visual victory that is seen onto her accompanying video. Directed by TK Ghiloni of Oak & Walnut Creative, the video’s portrayal is one of individuality. Centered on choosing your own path, whether that is the road less traveled, it’s one of choice. Sliding from a rhythmic core and a brash stance throughout the 4-minute reveal, Grinels’ “Go Mine” is a timeless catalyst for this thing called life.

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