JVLY Grapples With Internal Conflict on Latest Single ‘aporia’

JVLY pours his all out with latest single "aporia."

Aussie based act JVLY has treated us the last few months to a series of outstanding singles from the mesmerizing rhythms of “me&her” to the groovy melodies of “monsoon.”

Taking inspiration from R&B and electronic genres, JVLY composes based on textured layers and lo-fi pop chords. Further delving into his identity as an artist, JVLY pours his all out with latest single “aporia.” Carried by his crooning vocal articulations, a soft saxophone and mellow keys ease us into the track.

As the artist expresses, “I could have had it both ways,” pondering the dichotomy of a difficult situation. Finding his voice and asserting his narrative, JVLY grapples with internal conflict, exposing listeners to a more vulnerable perspective from the artist. The titles track ties the dilemma together as aporia means “an irresolvable internal contradiction”.

Along with his latest single, JVLY brings us into his creative world with an accompanying visual. The director Rodrigo Badoino set the intention of exploring the different contrasting themes of the song, demonstrating you can’t have it both ways.

“I spent some time in Japan earlier this year before it all got really weird,” shares JVLY on the video’s creation. “I took an old camcorder and just shot a bunch of footage with some sort of visual in mind for this song. I didn’t really have a concept, but I knew how I wanted the shots to look. When I got back, I met up with my friend Rodrigo Badoino who is an amazing film maker. I gave him the footage I had to have a look through, and I left it in his hands to form the concept. We had a night of shooting around Sydney with Tyra Cartledge (the girl in the video) to capture the other side of the story.”

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