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PHNTMS ‘Towers’

PHNTMS share their breakthrough alt-rock anthem, "Towers" ahead of their self-titled debut EP dropping next month.

Philadelphia-based band PHNTMS, comprised of Alyssa Gambino, Adam Jessamine, Mikal Smith, and Gene Murphy, dismantle societal expectations on their voluminous single “Towers.” Revolving around the notion of what we are “force fed” — be it jobs, houses, cars, and what is considered the perfect life — the track puts into light the illness of self-infliction by comparison.

“When things get hard, if you aren’t happy with yourself and the situation your in, no one can change that but you,” shares Jessamine. “At the end of the day, as humans, our expectations are the reason why we feel disappointment. Having your own personal goals is the reason you keep on pushing. ‘Towers’ is a reflection of that.”

The track is a triumphant call to the end of these towers. The alternative rock cut runs rampant among distressed, yet mellifluous vocals by Gambino. It embodies a strain and continuous freeing aspect in tone that works so well on the overall soundscape. Expansive, sturdy, and rich in production, “Towers” offers an emotive slice of alt-rock, banking on soul-soaked vocal runs. All more of a reason to appreciate the vibrancy of the track, as it easily makes a home as a breakthrough anthem.

With half of the band identifying as queer, PHNTMS hope to reach out to and support the LGBTQA+ community. Drummer Gene Murphy confides, “We openly talk about lesbian relationships in our music and we want to bring hope to anyone who is in the closet and doesn’t feel safe coming out. Whether you are out as queer or not, your identity is valid and if our music helps you escape heteronormativity for a brief moment.”

PHNTMS’ affectionate rock is set to continue on their debut self-titled EP out next month.

Cover photo: Zakk Connor

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