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¿Téo? ‘UNI2’

¿Téo? shares his latest single "UNI2" to add to the artist's self-carved slew of "Neo American" singles.

Mateo Arias, known simply as ¿Téo?, shares his latest single “UNI2” to add to the artist’s self-carved slew of “Neo American” singles. For the Colombian-American artist, the latest comes as an expansion in ideology from previous singles such as “Americano,” and in sound from his bossa nova debut “Uno Dos” with Jaden Smith.

The track is an airtight rhythmic display of a myriad of textures, fit to the track’s messaging. Continuing to flourish from the ever growing sphere of hip-hop with the duality of Latin-pop, “UNI2” is a striking single to add to the artist’s discography.

Utilizing the fluidity between English and Spanish, ¿Téo? fans the flames in each verse and keeps the song consistently fresh. It comes from a meditative concept of an “exhausted” definition of a human. The repeated hook, unido, which translates to united, acts more as this exhausted plea than a reminder.

“‘UNI2’ translates to “UNITED” (Unidos),” shares the artist. “I’ve lived with the song for over a year, yet it seems like it couldn’t be more relevant to today. I feel like the meaning continues to evolve, but the song provokes the feeling of coming together and the sentiment was to bridge a language barrier that too often disconnects us.”

Sonic rustic bites move to its own gray-scaled imagery. The artist’s continuous blends of contemporary and modern hip hop productions, alongside bright rhythms, surprisingly aren’t a mix of diluted sounds. They move graciously with one another and provide a sensory experience for a listener.

Cover photo: Moises Arias

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