Songs for Mom: Playlist

Celebrate mom with a playlist! Featuring classics, new releases, and love to all MILFs in English and Spanish.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who take on this role. We’ve spotlighted new releases that celebrate mom and included a GUM playlist that features classics, new and old. And yes, “Stacy’s Mom” is on here.


Art For The Odd “Mother’s Day Message” Mashup

Art For The Odd created a 0:30 second mashup, or sonic collage, from various classic songs to honor Mothers. Relatively short, it seems to be the perfect sound bite to let your mom know you love her.

Daniyel “MOM

California-born and Portland-raised artist Daniyel follows up his debut, MADISON HIGH EP, with an open thank you letter to his mother. Simply titled “MOM,” the track features the jubilant flares of hip-hop, commercial pop twinkles, and a pensive guitar. Going through the pages of the artist’s life, the track bounces from appreciation to an expansive love for his mom. Noting that he was raised by a single mother and spent early portions of his life homeless, moving between shelters, the track comes as yet another reflective single from the artist who we can’t wait to watch grow.


Sheppard “Thank You

Australian pop group Sheppard have crafted a sweet mother’s day surprise during quarantine, all with their mom Linda in the next room. Acting as the sixth release from their forthcoming album, the track is a pop-twang of gratitude and possess a rather lively, electronic dance backbeat. On the track the band states: “Our mum is like an extra member of the band. She’s been by our side for some of the most important moments of our career, from playing in stadiums, festivals and clubs in over 60 countries around the world. Said Emma Sheppard “We’ve spent A LOT of time in airports and horrible hotels over the years and she’s always been there supporting us. We’re beyond lucky to have her on board!”

Angry Samoans “I’m In Love With Your Mom” (1978 DEMO – MONO version)

Not new, but a gem that wasn’t available on the ol’ Spotify. Angry Samoans’ “I’m In Love With Your Mom” is a scuzz favorite that banks on the crush of another’s mom. It comes with obscene visuals, a distorted guitar solo, and the warmth of punks. 


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