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narou and iris Leave Manipulation on the Electro-Soul Cut, ‘Her Love’

narou teams up with iris for an electronic soul single that stems from a one-sided relationship.

If you spill experiences over with another, you’ll find similarities where you both bleed. Possibly a little too deep rooted for an abstract concept such as love, but then again maybe it’s the first door to many. “Her Love” is astute in its delivery, both sound and lyrically. It utilizes the mind of Vienna born, Berlin based songwriter and producer narou, alongside Norwegian singer iris.

The result is a multifaceted bed of sounds and amatory emotions. An electronic soul passageway that tells two individualized stories in one. Featuring both artist’s vocal inflections, “Her Love” washes past heartache for an internalized understanding.

The track’s opening siren misleads, as the nature of the charmer. A symbolic echo that could only be heard in a parish, alluding to the worship or self-righteous perception of the lover at hand. Immediately affectionate, iris’ quiver and emotive vocals take the first half, dipping into the palette of pop. Sharing that the lyrics are about “mind-control” for iris, and a place of “only selfishness,” the sonic translation is an immaculate cut.

And with vibrancy, the introspection, among the throes of the heart, swim through the electronic production. It emits a sapphire glow and caresses between the fibers of the shared lines, “I can barely feel her love.” Narou’s tone resonates deeper and is of a sensitive register of painfully walking away. An expressive notion that touches on the artist’s explanation of the track.

“‘Her Love’ is the story of losing someone who is manipulative,” shares narou. “You still love that person but you realised that you never actually felt love back. I really like the fact that Iris and I are both talking about a different experience that however in fact was really similar. The combination of a female and male voice projects the idea of an argument or a back and forth between the two of us. I really tried to combine organic instruments with heavy synths that would enhance the dramatic message of the choruses. I went to Norway last summer and we created this track in just one session. She is such an amazing artist and I am so happy to have created this track with her.”

Among the many well received string of singles, narou will be releasing his debut EP GOOD COMPANY in 2020.

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