Rubio Unravels Embedded Emotions with ‘Nudo’

Their new EP 'La Pérdida,' is the first installation of their upcoming and anticipated album.

Chilean experimental artist Rubio, made of Fran Straube and Pablo Stipicic, continues to show their eclectic-driven creativity. This time not only through their nostalgic and yearning lyrics about letting go, but also with a captivating video that shows the anguish of having to continuously live with the weight of a past passion in their newest video for “Nudo.” “Nudo” also features vocals of Montreal-based artist Frannie Holder and is off Rubio’s latest EP entitled La Pérdida, the first installation of their upcoming album.

Produced by Grieta Cine under the direction of Diego Viveros, Rubio plays with the word ‘nudo’ – which means knot in English, such as a ‘knot in your throat’ – by showing strongly knotted fabric all over both the vocalist, musician and protagonist Fran’s body and painted models to capture the heavy paralyzing feeling of longing for the past.

Through the vulnerable Spanish-language lyrics, Fran motivates her listeners to liberate themselves from their emotions. “Sometimes we’re a flesh-made knot. In the storyline [of the video] I show myself struggling with myself – trapped – trying to release those emotions without being afraid of change,” she explains in a press release translated from Spanish.

Rubio demonstrates this change not only visually, but through the lyrics that go from “El día es triste sin ti” translated to “The day is sad without you” to a hopeful ending of “El día es blanco sin ti” translated to “The day is white without you” – verbalizing the personal growth and courage they hope to instill to their audience.

Cover photo: Fabian Suspensivo

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