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Jonah Yano Unravels a Warm Daydream on ‘delicate’

And like a glance towards love at first sight, comes Jonah Yano's "delicate."

And like a glance towards love at first sight, comes Jonah Yano’s “delicate.” The Japanese-Canadian artist shares his second single from his upcoming debut album souvenir, due June 19 via Innovative Leisure, and redefines the space love creates.

What will follow-up his 2019 debut EP nervous, the 11-track collection dives into a personal realm of healing, family, and of course, lush produced collaborations by the likes of Monsune, Leland Whitty & Alexander Sowinski of BADBADNOTGOOD, and Jacques Greene.

The warm daydream that is “delicate” embodies the weightless aurora of a fantasy with the conviction of an experienced lover. It’s familiar and is bound together by the sounds of an outsider for a fresh perspective of a relationship’s delicacy.

“‘delicate’ buries itself somewhere in imagination,” explains Yano. “It’s like having a song stuck in your head, but instead of a song it’s a person, or rather the idea you’re starting to form of a person in the future of your lives together. It’s all just daydreaming.”

The slow burning essence wraps around deep bass riffs and iridescent keys that are highlighted by Yano’s smooth vocals. They are soulfully birthed from a dimensional realm of discovery; not quite tangible, but never artificial. And yet, the artist leaves no traces when gliding across tender lines, “isn’t it so delicate…the way you make up my mind,” and easily melts with the Monsune collaborated production.

Paired with a visual, directed and edited by Yano and Jasmine Herrera-Morales, the counterpart for “delicate” continues the artist’s open love letter. It comes across as honest as the track itself and follows a day-in-the-life of a pair of lovers. Honing in on the simpler things, the smaller acts of affection rise above the static noise in the world. The single’s lo-fi and soft haze are beautiful reminders of what we hold as delicate trinkets that get lost in fantasy. A charming splash in the pool of a highly anticipated album.

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