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Casey Conroy Gives ‘Best Shoes’ a Billingual Remix with COASTCITY

Casey Conroy and COASTCITY give "Best Shoes" a more tender and hopeful outlook the second time around.

If our eyes tell the world where we want to go, our shoes tell them where we’ve been. Originally an introspective solo ballad by Casey Conroy, the artist’s track “Best Shoes” now takes on a communal form. Teaming up with 2X Grammy-nominated ensemble COASTCITY, the laminated billingual remix is a nostalgic wash of Latin and dream-pop that pulls away a guarded wound and continues the movement forward.

What was originally written from a moment in the artist’s life where she constantly kept putting her “best foot forward” after continuous stints of being knocked down, the imagery of wanting to run back home stayed present. “I wanted to call my mom and tell her I was hurting,” shares Conroy. “‘Best Shoes’ is that conversation I had, sitting at the end of her bed, telling her what was wrong.”

On its second coming, the remixed version carries the original heart of Conroy but doesn’t isolate, thanks to the COASTCITY collaboration. The duet welcomes a listener into a warm embrace of understanding. Sensitive in its nature, “Best Shoes” is resilient from the pen to the ear. The language effortlessly molds to the telling lines and takes a beautiful, hopeful turn. The essence of the simple chord structure and natural vividness within the arrangement comforts the delicate intertwining of vocals. A graceful blend to say the least, fit for the golden streaks of a changing weather.

The artists’ tender and emotive tones are at a constant, but somehow bend with age. From the collaboration these tidbits are apparent and make the track that much more relatable to anyone dusting off their own shoes, ready to start the journey all over again.

Conroy is steadily working towards her debut album alongside her creative collaborator Willy Colon (Luis Fonsi, Yandel).

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