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Dead Pony ‘Everything Is Easy’

Glasgow's Dead Pony share their rebellious shot of irony on "Everything Is Easy" via LAB Records.

Glasgow’s Dead Pony share their rebellious shot of irony on “Everything Is Easy” via LAB Records. The quartet, comprising of Anna Shields (lead vocals, guitar), Blair Crichton (lead guitar, backing vocals), Liam Adams (bass), and Aidan McAllister (drums), have been known for their high charged performances throughout Glasgow’s post-punk scene.

Their latest bubbles with pent-up anger, almost flashbacks of suppression, and flourishes to a melodic blended cocktail of a punk and jubilant ethos. It’s the type of track that blithely wiggles across distortion, overall acting as an addictive earworm.

The unruly discourse of the track is mockingly subdued. The opening lead is filtered through noise filters with Shields’ singsong vocals. Crichton’s low tone comforts any high registers and highlights the great dynamics among members. The sprightly tempo delivers a passive aggressive snap, going hand in hand with the track’s lyrics.

“‘Everything Is Easy’ is a take on how simple childhood experiences can be soured as you grow older,” explains Shields. “Lyrically, we tried to capture that feeling of betrayal you feel as a young, naïve child when you find out Santa isn’t real or that your conception wasn’t via your Dad finding a snotter on the wall and raising it to become you. We came up with this idea after having discussed how ridiculous the things were we believed as children.”

“Everything Is Easy” is a lively cut that acts as the first of many releases to be shared throughout the year by Dead Pony.

Cover photo: Daniel Blake

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