Self-Discovery and Recognizing Individuality: An Interview with Mia Madden

Unapologetically herself through a variety of artistic disciplines, San Antonio based, 23 year old indie artist, Mia Madden is a force to be reckoned with.

Unapologetically herself through a variety of artistic disciplines, San Antonio based, 23 year old indie artist, Mia Madden is a force to be reckoned with. Basing her project on individuality and an ongoing process of learning to love her originality, Madden’s indie pop fusion sound simmers on the surface of mainstream achievement. I first came across her watching a recap of her debut live show in San Antonio, TX, this past March.

Drawing a significant crowd to the Bang Bang Bar, she engaged the audience with shimmering indie numbers and dominant stage presence. Madden’s recent EP release Imminent Euphoria takes these same glistening elements into a body of work that recalls the crossover success of acts like Tame Impala and Washed Out. Centering on topics of progression and the process of self-discovery, Imminent Euphoria captures the evolution of a young artist coming into her own.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I like to go out, hang out with my family, and I like to make music that makes other people happy.

I remember going to Austin City Limits when I was 14 for the first time. I got to see Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, The Arctic Monkeys, and The Cure. It was one of the most inspirational times in my little teenage life where I realized that’s what I wanted to do. I loved singing, music, dancing, performing arts etc. I’ve always been a character. The idea of making a living off of music that I created was fascinating. To tour and to travel around the world is a dream of mine.

With my past performances, some of my favorite parts were the costumes. I always try to dress grand, colorful, and weird. Trying to get my band to correlate with me. When I was in high school I had created a clothing business where I sold clothes that I found from thrift stores that I had modified or just thought were cute. A personal thrift shopper if you will, so I’ve always loved fashion and what it stood for. Which is an expression, and I always try to bring that to the stage in every single way!

I’ve always been artistically driven. I use to sew clothes, dabble in videography, audio production, and painting occasionally. I also do side photography, graphic design, pole dancing, and hair. I always come back to singing and performing though, it’s something I know I am good at and if I would try to succeed in anything, it would be this.

What are some of the inspirations for this project? How do you differentiate between yourself and the artist?

I really dig the sounds from Phoenix, Blood Orange, Christine and the Queens, TOPS, Tennis, King Princess, Fleetwood Mac, Washed Out & Her’s to name a few. So that was the mindset I tried to get into in order to create this EP (Imminent Euphoria). Something very high energy, positive, and inspiring.

Talk about your latest single “Late July,” what was your writing process like?

Austin came to me with a chord progression that sounded so familiar. I asked him what he was playing because I loved it. He had told me he made it up so we started jamming it out a bit. I recorded it on my phone. Afterwards I got home and worked on the lyrics all night. I wanted to write a song about evolving. It was something I had realized I was doing for the past 4-5 years extensively. Throughout the whole song I explain different parts in my life where I realized I needed to change myself.

First, being in Junior High, sneaking out and being young. When you’re in middle school and high school you realize this is an important time in your life to just enjoy before having any actual responsibilities. Eventually you realize you have to grow up.

Second, was when I was out of high school. “Leaving the nest” I was on my own, living alone, and being manipulated by a crazy ex boyfriend. I was being used by friends and felt lost. In the song it says, “wasting all my time, a puppet show”. I felt like I had no control over my life.

Third, was when I was 23, which is now. I decided to move out of my hometown to New York. In order to grow I needed to leave. The life I was living was expired and I needed to move on. The chorus, “if you want me, come and get me, I’ll be changing” is a message that change is and will always continue to happen so just embrace it.

What can we look forward to in the future, any new music coming out?

I’m currently working on a cover from Cigarettes after Sex. I love the sound of this particular song and I hope it accentuates my style and sound. I am always working on new music, I think any musician can say that. There’s always new sounds or ideas that are constantly playing in your head but putting the puzzle together is the hardest part. No original music is ready at the moment but I will definitely keep you posted when it is.

I planned to move to NYC last month and maybe collaborate with some friends there, but the pandemic has slowed me down. I’m staying positive though and still trying to keep my social media fun and interactive. I hosted an earring giveaway recently with San Antonio artist Fruity Poms and I plan on hosting some live music on Instagram. I’m also trying out Tik Tok, and actively on Facebook, so even if I don’t have new physical music, there’s still a lot of ways my fans can connect and see cool content from me.

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