Tatiana Hazel ‘Don’t Care’

Tatiana Hazel takes nostalgic alt-pop to a visual lookbook on her latest video for "Don't Care."

Tatiana Hazel takes the nostalgic lines of looking back, heard on “Don’t Care,” to a very simplistic, lo-fi lookbook. The Latinx multi-instrumentalist, producer, and fashion designer presents a variety of different garments for the track’s visual companion. Aesthetically translating the song’s lost ache to the fabrics of her own designs, Hazel’s immersion in every aspect of the track’s delivery tells a greater story to the track: you make your own closure.

The alternative-pop and synthwave production cues trouble hearts from an ’80s movie, yet presents as a lost tape from the early ’90s. Shot on VHS and directed by Rae, “Don’t Care” isolates the artist throughout various locations across the Southern California desert. The strewn wormhole from the past to present is apparent in the video, considering the specific variants, and is a literal presentation of creating a new future — be it from the clothes you wear.

“The two scenes in the video where I break away from the backgrounds that match my clothing represent breaking away from my past and exploring something new,” says Hazel on Flaunt Magazine. “These scenes were inspired by the set design in one of my favorite films ‘Nowhere’ by Gregg Araki.”

Different than most lookbooks, and contrary in relation of meaning from first watch, Hazel’s personal creations do tie with the track’s penned lines and production. Centralized solo shots in abandoned locations tugs on the weight of distance for a personalized good-bye (“Oh I miss the way your body feels / I don’t care if you don’t / I promise that I won’t forget about you / I don’t care if you won’t forget about me”).

Fusing with the power of the clothing, whereas attitude creates the magic of the clothes, Hazel ties up loose ends in movement. It’s a very simple, opaque video that can continue to be unraveled in every medium. A worthy trait in an artist that highlights fruitful sounds yet to come.

“Don’t Care” is taken from Tatiana Hazel’s forthcoming EP via Downtown Records.

Cover photo: Yanin Varela

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