Savannah Brister Gracefully Delivers Hope on Neo-Soul Track ‘Dear World’

Memphis-based singer-songwriter, Savannah Brister, curates a wishful daydream and offers hope on her latest single "Dear World."

Memphis-based singer-songwriter, Savannah Brister, curates a wishful daydream that is sure to linger on our chests as the days go by. The neo-soul orchestration of “Dear World” pulls from classic traces of the rustic tones of Motown and contemporary pop. And beneath the gorgeous production comes a universal sentiment, and constant questioning, regarding the sad norm of mass shootings.

The infused drip of Savannah’s luxurious and vibrant tone leads a listener down a tender world. Crisp drums and bass lines are heaven next to Savannah’s vocals and are married by a choir of voices that hum sweetly. The arrangement is extremely warm and piano trinkets provide the delicacy of the artist’s open letter to the world (“we went to school only for learning / mom and dad had no worries / seems to welcome us every day / another shooting on the front page”).

And this doesn’t come to lessen the situation or the words that are held within the track. Musically, hope is at the forefront. Each line comes with an earnest conviction, but the presentation of each note breathes a genuine outlook and push towards change.

Savannah shared in an email the sentiments behind the hope of “Dear World” which stemmed from the wake of the El Paso shooting and the “realization that mass shootings have become a seemingly accepted and terrifying new normal.” And as the pandemic did push the artist’s release plans, it didn’t lessen the need for hope.

“While isolated at home, we find ourselves together in fear of the changing world and dreams that things will become safe again. ‘Dear World’ is my offering to a suffering planet sharing a traumatic experience. I hope it brings hope and comfort to you and all those that hear it.”

It has been a year since Savannah was a contestant on Season 16 of NBC’s The Voice — who was able to join John Legend’s team. Now the artist has been independently releasing singles, fine tuning her voice, and is in the midst of recording her first EP.

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