Porcelain Pink Rip Mundane Cycles on Alt-Rock Single ‘Sideways’

Porcelain Pink reintroduce themselves with the meatier, aggressive cut "Sideways."

Sometimes you just need to be punched in the face to feel. Porcelain Pink are that punch.

The Brighton based duo — comprised of Steph Deakin on drums, and Lorenzo Railoa on guitar and vocals — originally began as a trio by a chance encounter in 2018 at a local rehearsal spot. With only their debut “Tightrope” under their belt, their long awaited follow-up rips mundane cycles to shreds.

The in-your-face mentality is also straight forward in its structure and delivers a lively, rebellious notion that could only be bred from the DIY scene. Whereas “Tightrope” had digestible and infectious hooks that crept from a muffled blues-rock core, its successor is meatier, respectively.

Deakin’s drumming is a potent weapon that bubbles profusely on the shrieking welts of brass and sticks. The synergy of Deakin eagerly brushes against Railoa’s vocals that scratch the confinements of each verse. Full circle to its lyrical context that move from the feeling of “being stuck,” the crunchy purveyors’ melodic pockets aide the track’s fullness for a worthy introduction to the duo.

Photo: Caitlin Stokes

With not much to progressively compare to, Porcelain Pink’s snapshot is simple, aggressive, and animated. There’s a lot left to be seen and heard from the two, which makes “Sideways” that much more arresting in nature.


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