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Helado Negro Explores Abstract Connections on “I Fell In Love” Featuring Xenia Rubinos

Helado Negro shares a sweet understanding on love with new single "I Fell In Love" featuring Xenia Rubinos.

Roberto Carlos Lange is an abstract designer that pulls apart the philosophy of feeling for sounds as Helado Negro. A signature act which was praised on the artist’s acclaimed album, This Is How You Smile. Since his last full length, the artist shares the new, and equally stirring single “I Fell In Love” via the Adult Swim Single Series, and features the luminescence vocals of Xenia Rubinos.

Delicate and sweet, the track sparkles between an electronic bed and a percussionary lead. Lange’s vocals are vulnerable, honest, and innocent. It is uncomplicated in its production and delivery, to attest to the euphoric translation on being in love before over thinking dissolves this feeling. Striking in its charm and expressive lyrics, the collaboration between the artists carries its own loving harmony.

The very ambiance of the track is new, yet familiar — all traces of what love embodies, if budding against definitions. True to the unknown of the abstract emotions that come with love, “I Fell In Love” defines what only can be understood by humans: a weightless feeling of self-discovery. And on the other side of the spectrum, the track is eloquently simple.

“It’s a song about love!,” shares the artist. “It’s about all the ways we feel and the complicated things we do to try to understand this feeling. ‘Spaceship shaped words fly through your world unheard’ is a lyric that describes how alien the feeling can be and how hard we make it to be known. It’s not simple – it’s too complex to ever say ‘love is like this.’ Movies and songs always get it wrong. Maybe we are wrong too but I know the love I have.”

On social media, the artist continued to express his sentiments in regards to the song acting as a “sonic bridge” to get from “this moment to the next.”

“This deep pause has been hard, but I feel connected to the people I love more than ever and hope you can reach out to the people you love and let them know you think about them often. This crisis has been hard on so many peoples mental health and if you or a loved one need someone to talk to reach out to the Crisis Text Line and Trevor Project.”

Despite being quarantined for the past month in Marfa, Texas, Lange continues to work on projects such as “Kite Symphony,” a new multimedia project with the visual artist Kristi Sword.

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