The Corner Laughers Appreciate the Moment on ‘The Accepted Time’

The Corner Laughers document living in the moment with their indie-pop single and video "The Accepted Time." Premiering today ahead of its April 17 release.

Whether one will believe that time is an illusion or purely self-evident, its existence in the moment is genuine. For the Bay Area-based band, The Corner Laughers, they explore a more innocent realm, surrounded around the mindfulness of the now on their latest single “The Accepted Time.”

Taken off their forthcoming album Temescal Telegraph due June 5 via Big Stir Records, “The Accepted Time” is empathetic with the band’s signature California breeze, and still warm in its philosophy. Paired with a minimally profound visual, The Corner Laughers’ sage wisdom comes from a shift in perspective. Premiering today on GUM ahead of its April 17 release, “The Accepted Time” is a gentle reminder to pause.

The track reads as a journal entry in attempt to capture a fleeting moment. Very well knowing what time is, the accepted fate is both beautiful and solemn. Karla Kane’s poetic lines sit on the chest of a listener but not with a doomed weight. The artist’s distinct candor through her matter-of-fact and silver tone isolates the intimacy of the message. It’s a kind touch, akin to Kane’s vocals: “Yes, I know that life means letting go, but I will hold on just a little longer.”

Which is no surprise as the inspiration of the track was taken from a walk home from school by Kane and her daughter. Noting as they both passed by a sign quoting civil rights leader W.E.B DuBois’s biblical reference (“Now is the accepted time. Not tomorrow, not some more convenient season”), a more paternal perspective was weaved.

Its visual companion translates the message of eternal love by a parent beautifully. The shift from individually living to collectively breathing for another alludes to the sentiment of life looking “different from this perspective.” Featuring Kane’s daughter and drummer Charlie Crabtree’s son, there’s a pure representation of what time actually looks like.

Crooning to the authenticity of a post-college rock sound, that seemed to linger from the mid ’90s, with a tinge of chamber pop, “The Accepted Time” takes many forms. KC Bowman’s guitar switches and Khoi Huynh’s bass lines ground Kane’s bright ukulele. It’s the right amount of folk-rock to embrace the track’s smooth-tongued narrative.

The Corner Laughers (Aaron Rubin)

The Corner Laughers continue to arrange conscious pop with past decades of twee and indie-pop. It’s honest, eloquent, and expressive in any scheme they build, ironically only being perfected for what time has shown the band.

Filmed in Redwood City, the band has announced all proceeds of the single will be donated to the Redwood City Education Foundation.

The Redwood City Education Foundation supports the children and families of the Redwood City School District and has established a COVID-19 Family Relief Fund to provide direct financial support to local families experiencing severe economic hardship due to COVID-19.

“The Accepted Time” is officially released April 17.

Cover photo: Aaron Rubin

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