R E L ‘Harmonizer’

Self-dubbed evocapop artist R E L shares her video for the indietronica track "Harmonizer."

Self-dubbed evocapop artist R E L shares her video for the indietronica track “Harmonizer.” The proclaimed self-love story is the last song on the artist’s 2019 LP Evocapop: Side A and reiterates a sense of unity, aptly fitted to the world’s current state.

“It’s about coming together and getting beyond our own self-contained bubbles to feel what’s bigger,” shares the artist. “It can feel like people are judging you for even the smallest things, but in reality, they are often caught up in their own problems and don’t even notice.”

Keeping in line with the reflective theory of the track, the translucent video features moments of delicate yet assertive storytelling. R E L moves within an ethereal vision, or of a human’s consciousness, emerging as a reminder that “”we all bleed the same red blood.” She glosses over the dramatic, misty pull and shifts between being a thought, to being a person. Among abstract performance shots — featuring dancers Danielle King, Madisyn Sloane and Laura Ksobiech — and live clips of R E L in nature, “Harmonizer” searches for a grounding.

Bill Burke’s direction playfully assorts the artist’s theory to a fluid and colorful palette. With only the title screen hurting the overall flow of the video momentarily, and slightly moving the viewer back to reality, it still doesn’t take away R E L’s saintly vocals. The artist manipulates each vocal run finely on the electronic-pop soundscape and melts the electronic tingles emitted. R E L has a natural talent to explore deeper sensory realms through the playing field of pop and lives up to her evocapop title.

“We are connected, all of us. If we only focus on the ways we are different, or dissonant, we fight. But if we shine light on the ways we are the same, we come together in beautiful harmony. Walking through the tornado with a blue heart from the corset you wore, moving through chaos with the pain you carry– moving through your pain and chaos into a new realization of self. A coming of age…We need to recognize each other this way, recognize our shared humanity. We need to find our harmony. Especially now. And it’s so easy to see. To do?
Please stay safe, and hopeful, and find ways to share your light.”

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