‘Arrogant Immigrant’: KIALLA Speaks Truth Through Ongoing Album, ‘KOVID19’ Collection

The Russian-Iranian duo continues their KOVID-19 collection, which entails the collective to release one new song every three days for the length of the Coronavirus lock-down.

KIALLA is an act of truth. On a lighter side, the novel coronavirus has led to poorly executed “Imagine” sing-a-longs and humorous one-string singles during isolation, but still haven’t reached the level of KIALLA.

The Russian-Iranian duo continues their KOVID19 collection, which entails the collective to release one new song every three days for the length of the Coronavirus lock-down. In addition, the duo are also collaborating with various artists and musicians around the globe to keep the energy flowing, according to KIALLA.

“It is a celebration of life,” says KIALLA. “As long as we are all here on this planet, we need to create. And as challenging as it is to create under pressure, that’s the only thing that makes sense right now.”

The collection, which is being created in real-time, has four singles under its belt. Each single seems to possess one concept being explored with a similar undertone that ties them all together: make people think, make people talk about it.

On the first single, “Kenshi,” the duo explore a “post-apocalyptic scenario” and name the fighter after the Mortal Kombat swordsman. Where “Goldfish” speaks against sexism and misogyny, particularly in hip-hop music and circulate around KIALLA’s own member, Via, and her experiences.

In addition to shinning with integrity, similar to the likes of “Goldfish,” the third release is a proud proclamation. “Arrogant Immigrant” is an almost two-minute track that speaks on their own conceptualization of “foreigners making illegal sounds.”

It reads as a deep, hip-hop track that sharply jolts from a futuristic, house production and maintains a faithfulness to one’s own identity through the track’s vocals. At times, the vocal runs are playful, banking off the title, but chop and deliver the duo’s noble messaging.

There’s a tinge of anger that lives on the track and possibly continues on their fourth release, “Boi.” KILLA goes hard early on with the future, hip-house production, and doom-filled hook that draws the line of “not being the same.” The duo each spits casually, collectively, and consciously on each bar sprouting from the ideology of being foreign (“my accent thicker than yours”). It’s a cloudy, reflective track that stirs an internal revolution.

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Calling producers from London to Iran, KOVID19 so far is acute in its delivery. KIA and Via’s voices each have their moment to speak their truth and hone in on the attributes that make them artists to watch for independently, and as a collective.

There’s sounds from each background — KIA growing up in Tehran, Iran, and Via hailing from Siberia, Russia — that can easily document their trek from Southeast Asia to Chicago. KIALLA continue to innovate sensory thoughts and concrete social issues on a easily accessible platform, better yet the unbiased language of music.

With only four tracks in, KIALLA creates a well-deserved anticipation with each new release.

KIALLA is a part of OUTSET collective that aims to support creators from different cultures and countries.

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