Charlie and the Rays ‘Wanna Be Like You’

Charlie and the Rays tackle the idea of taking a good look in the mirror on their dusted, Americana video "Wanna Be Like You."

Charlie and the Rays marinate their harmonies from the Americana sounds of the ’60s and ’70s, respectively. Led by sisters Jordan Stobbe (bass/vocals) and Rebecca Stobbe (rhythm guitar/vocals), alongside Patrick Hagan (drums), and Ian LeSage (lead guitar/vocals), Charlie and the Rays come into full bloom with their contemporary rock, and folk tales.

Originally forming as buskers on the streets, the inspirited drive of the ensemble — be it a direct tie from the Stobbe sisters or not — draws a timeless quality of hope and retrospection. Jordan and Rebecca Stobbe harmonize with a sun kissed belief, as even their most tenderly ached tracks bathe in soft revelations.

On their latest video, “Wanna Be Like You” the Seattle-born, Brooklyn-based ensemble sees the Stobbe sisters tackle the idea of taking a good look in the mirror, literally.

“‘Wanna Be Like You” is about the mental battles within ourselves, the anxiety we face, and the honest desire to make change within ourselves,” says the band.

And with this introspection held at the forefront of the track, the video cleverly manipulates their perspective by displaying the two performing through the mirror as life happens in the back. Shot by Nathan Ginter and Bill Gullo, the golden disposition doesn’t come from a malicious intent, but of an opportunity to evolve. Though, in the lyrical context there’s a slight envy baked in the track’s thread, the honest yearning for the greener grass on the other side of the fence is the first step toward change.

Charlie and the Rays

Rebecca Stobbe’s lead vocals encapsulates the internal struggles and finds a revolutionary comfort at Jordan Stobbe’s animated bass lines. As the two face each other and long for a “painless vision” that others may possess, they craft their own universal resolution: a dusted, Americana track that lends a hand to a listener through its vibrant production.

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