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Reliant Tom Echoes Grief on Post-Rock Single ‘Nevermind the Garbage’

Reliant Tom's grief echoes deep onto a post-rock production with their latest single, "Nevermind the Garbage," taken off their forthcoming sophomore album, 'Play & Rewind' via Diversion Records.

Reliant Tom’s grief echoes deep onto a post-rock production with their latest single, “Nevermind the Garbage.” Birthed from the duo, composer Monte Weber and choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny, the experimental chemistry of each artist aides in the distinct storytelling capabilities of the band.

Taken off their forthcoming sophomore album, Play & Rewind, via Diversion Records, the Brooklyn-based band paints an exquisite avant-pop sound beyond comprehension, akin to a lost page of a sci-fi novel. Begging with its own grip of reality, “Nevermind the Garbage” takes a new reality, post-apocalyptic electronics, and expansive soundscape to ride the mental waves of anguish.

“Nevermind the Garbage” archives Cuny’s grief after her father passed away unexpectedly, and looks for an attempt to return to a “semi-normal routine” while managing the grief and anxiety. Understandably, the track is dark, but still poignant in its candor. It breathes from a burdening scene and slyly whispers for a next day.

“My state was complex and somewhat guilt ridden because all I could feel was sadness,” says Cuny. “Even though I was at a good point in my life, with a loving partner, and reminded daily how fortunate I was when seeing the more severe hardships of other people such as chronic health issues and homelessness… all I could feel was despair, not the love or gratitude — but when you’re in the depth of your darkness it’s hard to feel much else.”

The track commands its instrumentation and silence in the same manner, which sonically is of excited bewilderment. Cuny’s vocals are multifaceted; fateful through its screams and honey-eyed when gentle, but when they are gone, chills linger.

It’s an emotional path that is unforgettable in its full band and hybrid electro-acoustic sound. Extremely expressive through keys and its heavy synth layers, the organic and electronic marriage is luxurious throughout its duration.

Acting as a new direction in sound for their forthcoming album, “Nevermind the Garbage” alludes to breathtaking fusions and concepts.

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