NAT Reflects on the Late Night Indietronica Single, ‘Hold Me Close’

NAT reflects for a new chapter in love on the indietronica dance cut "Hold Me Close."

Indietronica artist, NAT, seems to be a romantic at heart from a quick glance throughout the artist’s young discography. And as each story caters to different matters of the heart by NAT, there’s an instilled optimism at the core of production that is easily the artist’s charm.

Heavily sprouted from the dance and EDM realm, the artist’s latest single “Hold Me Close” takes pages from a nighttime monologue. It shimmers with the gloss of a new packaging and is honest enough to maintain its fears of the unknown. Premiering a day ahead of its official release date on GUM, “Hold Me Close” traces elements back to the artist’s debut EP, And Now I’ll Do What’s Best For Me, for a mature continuation in thought and sound.

“This song is about the transition from being in a relationship to out of one, and trying to meet new people while dealing with that discomfort,” says NAT. “It was a kind of self-reflection that I had never written about before and was interesting and new for me.”

And while the track moves around the motives of introspection — whether it being aware to take each step slowly — the production still manages to celebrate solidarity. NAT lingers in memories in theory, but grasps tight onto self-love. Tropical flows warm the harmonious rhythm with clarity as NAT’s silvery, and pop vocals, dance in an enchanted manner. It’s undeniably catchy and struts with a nervous joy for a late night dance cut.

If this is self-reflection from the artist, we can’t wait to hear the next stage of NAT’s evolution.

Photo: Dana Boulos

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