Misty Boyce ‘Telephone’

LA's indie-folk artist Misty Boyce shares a dreamy and heavy look of grief on "Telephone."

Regardless of how much technology has shaped the way we interact, there’s a universal ache behind the telephone. Los Angeles-based artist Misty Boyce captures a fleeting innocence with an emotive revelation on her latest single “Telephone.” Translating the anticipation of news to the very existence of what is heard on the other end of the line, Boyce’s dreamy folk ballad is a lingering push in a new direction.

“Telephone” emerges from a delicate, reoccurring thought at the bed of pining keys and a breathy tone. Simple in its chords, the first few seconds briefly dance with an acoustic’s muted strings. Then it changes, as Boyce does.

This change is the most important part of the track. It’s that glance towards the peak of the mountain, somewhere between hope and reality. The production slowly builds around an expanding instrumental cloak, gearing for the next verse. Almost frost bitten, the tempo switches once more and develops the track’s second state: denial.

The final stage is found triumphantly past the internal battle, and is met with a tender embrace. Boyce’s fluid and velvety tone grips tightly and continues to lead on keys. It’s a gorgeous, and still saddening, look at what is found through grief.

What acts as Boyce’s first single from her forthcoming album, genesis, set to be released later this year, “Telephone” paves an important path for the artist. One that showcases Boyce as a skillful storyteller.

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