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Louie Blue Glistens with Funk-Pop Single ‘Hit It!’

Finnish singer-songwriter Louie Blue returns with a golden, funk-pop single "Hit It!" via Sony Finland.

Louie Blue, aka Alec Moborg, dresses the drab with the shimmering funk-pop cut, “Hit It!” via Sony Finland. The single quickly follows up the 18-year-old’s debut EP, Notes, and brings forth a youthful jolt of energy to the three minute production. Skidding from effervescent keys to a candy pop falsetto, Blue’s forward-looking tone is a much needed escape and a reminder of blissful days.

Fit to its cover art, the track takes on many golden hues yet isn’t flashy in an act of desperation. It calmly enters the room and outlines an aurora of confidence, akin to the first steps taken out of a new club. Finessing with a progressive, electronic RnB skeleton, the funk-pop twists simply make this track rich.

The Finnish singer-songwriter continues the act of coolness on the track’s visual counterpart. A mild vintage filter softens the carefree moments between the artist, Pepe Jean Jr., and “a cameraman” during the musical process somewhere in Mexico. Capturing the holiday vibes, the vibrant video is a sweet lo-fi introduction of Blue’s stylistic charm.

“This song was actually one of the three first songs that Pepe Jean Jr. and I ever made, alongside ‘Confused’ and ‘Down the Road,'” shares the artist.

“It’s a funky pop song full of good vibes and energy. Perfect for summer clubs and festival crowds. This is the song that makes you dance while you’re walking down the street and you make a complete fool out of yourself although you think you look like the coolest guy in the world. It makes the rainy day feel like it’s shining.”

When possible, be sure to catch Louie Blue live as the artist is set for festival appearances in 2020.

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