The Tissues ‘My Body My Mind’

LA Punks, The Tissues, share an unmistakable message on "My Body My Mind."

Unmistakable in their message, Los Angeles-based art-punk band The Tissues, share their compelling video for their track “My Body My Mind.” Shared on the last day of National Women’s Month, The Tissues’ vigorous yet simple portrayal celebrates women beyond the label of cis, and praises the spectrum. Reaching beyond the ideology of celebrating only for a month, The Tissues’ indirect storytelling branches into many notions, one being the human right to control ones’ self anytime of the year.

Taken off the band’s sophomore album Blue Film, the video includes a studded array of musicians, artists, sex workers and performance artists within the Los Angeles community. Featuring Alice Bag, Drew Arriola Sands of Trap Girl and Transgress Fest, Peter Kalisch of Queerspace, and Grace X of the political punk act, Garbitch, “My Body My Mind” reclaims the philosophy of “owning your identity.”


The Tissues’ vigorous spirit is alive and well on the gutted drum cracks that marry each bass pluck. Led by Kristine Nevrose’s scathing growl, alongside Jerry Narrows (guitar), Bianca Ayala (bass), and Tara Edwards (drums), “My Body My Mind” is fed from the underground dishes of Los Angeles punks. It’s abrasive and lights an inspirational fuse during its three-minute punch. Regardless of the audible rage that pulsates each chord, the violet-toned video focuses on self-given beauty and expression.

“…This song is so important to us — it’s about body autonomy, self love, and self confidence,” shares the band on a social media post. “We wanted to put this video out on the last day of National Women’s Month. Not only to celebrate cis women, but anyone facing hardship or discrimination based on their gender, be they trans, non-binary, or non-conforming. Our lives and our struggles cannot be encapsulated in a single month and shouldn’t be.”

Panning abruptly to each shot of artists to a flickering sequence of live shots, the energy captured stimulates quarantined minds. Stylistically swooning to a deeper psyche, the track’s expansive break pulls from post-punk and highlights a melodic musing on guitar; sharpening the ethereal sounds of shoegaze.

Adding empathy to the track’s DIY belly, The Tissues’ range continues to expand from punk, but always treks on a focused type of rebellion. The band’s unapologetic path sees spit-marks on oppressors and boot-marks, clearing the way for an inclusive battle.

Stream “My Body My Mind” on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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