Nadia Vaeh’s ‘Monroe’ Pays Tribute to Her Heroines

Nadia Vaeh's latest single "Monroe" is a steady pop jam that aspires to inspire yet another generation of creatives.

“There’s a goddess in all of us,” says Atlanta’s own Nadia Vaeh, who has a list of women to thank for her life path and resurgence as an artist. Her latest single, “Monroe,” is a steady pop jam that aspires to inspire yet another generation of creatives.

“Monroe” is named after the legendary Marilyn whom, in Vaeh’s own words, “..spearheaded a different sort of self-expression for women in the public eye. She was bold and fearless.” This admiration is carried on through the work of countless women in her life, particularly those named here.

Vaeh’s rise as a performer is attributed to titanic women from across genres on this track, from Celine Dion, who “gave me the courage to sing,” at a time in her life wrought with uncertainty and pain, to Taylor Swift who “got me in my best dress with no fear.” Vaeh knows where she comes from, who helped guide her success and is all too happy to shout names from the rooftops. The spotlight doesn’t go to her head, as she still dreams of surrounding herself with these stars whom she has looked up to for years, fantasizing about hanging out with Ali Wong while married to 4 Non Blonds’ Linda Perry.

With roots in the modeling world and as a vocalist in a travelling youth choir, Vaeh is no stranger to the spotlight. Her early years were spent creating productions with her siblings and honing her skills as a lyricist with the guidance of her poet mother. From this experience, Vaeh learned the importance of self-awareness and encourages us to persevere in the wake of adversity. There is a light in all of us.

Nadia Vaeh (Photo: Angela Kohler)

“Monroe” joins Vaeh’s repertoire of singles joyfully released this year, appropriately through the artist-supportive SoundCloud. Proceeds from this track are earmarked for Girl Up, a United Nations organization dedicated to the advancement of women around an unequal world.

Cover photo: Kate Romero

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